Hello my name is K.E.  I have been going to the park party for the last five years.  It is something I and my three children look forward to. Yesterday at the park party. I realized a few things.  My Lord had not let me down at all. He helped me through all that had happened, and was waiting on me. I felt this over pouring power within my heart. I could feel my body tremble, and I started to cry. I had not felt this feeling since I was fourteen. That's when I had accepted the Lord and was baptized. So on 9/11/10 I accepted the Lord as my savior once again. I must say that was a awesome feeling. We left the park party around seven, and on my way home. I had put in my Natalie Grant CD. I was listing to "In Better Hands."  I started crying my eyes out and my oldest daughter said. "Mom are you ok?"  I replied, “Yes baby I am, cause I'm in better hands now.” So needless to say 9/11/10 begun a new me, and I would like to thank you all for that along with my Lord.

Thank You & God Bless,